Stanly County vs. Alcoa

Alcoa’s Old Brick Landfill sits above Badin Lake. Contaminated groundwater seepage was discovered at two of Alcoa's landfill sites, including Old Brick Landfill, according to a 2008 NC Department of Water Quality report. Pollutants of concern include aluminum, fluoride, cyanide, chlorine and arsenic.

“No private corporation, no private interest group should have a monopoly over a resource that is critical to the economic health and welfare of the people of the Yadkin River Basin,” Dick says. “The major benefactor of this 90-year marriage has been Alcoa. What would’ve happened if Alcoa had never come to this river basin? This whole area would’ve been far better if that company had never showed up here…. We’ve actually suffered because of them being here. We’re continuing to suffer because they’re here, and we’re going to suffer whether they get this [re-licensing] permit or not.”

The main point of Stanly County and the Riverkeeper’s case is that the NC DENR did not exercise the full scope of its authority under the Clean Water Act when issuing a 401 Water Quality Certification permit to Alcoa last year.

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