Stop the Rush to Frack- Act Now

Contact your Representative to Stop Senate Bill 76

SB 76 is on the fast track to bring fracking wastewater and off shore drilling to NC's beloved coastline.

FrackingA new bill, SB76, to fast track fracking and offshore oil drilling was approved by the Senate last week, and now moves to the House of Representatives. This bill replaces former approved legislation (SB820) that requires the legislature to vote in late 2014, lift the moratorium on fracking after reviewing new regulations. SB76 would set March 1st of 2015 as the final date when the moratorium on fracking permits would end, regardless of what regulations had been put in place to protect NC's people and water.  The bill also allows underground injection of toxic fracking wastewater anywhere in the state, including coastal counties.

Key reasons to oppose this bill:

  • SB76 would begin permitting for fracking in early 2015 regardless of whether adequate regulations are in place to protect people, water, land, and property rights.
  • SB76 would put the livelihood of NC fishermen and coastal tourism at risk by promoting offshore oil and gas drilling.
  • SB76 removes the requirement for “landmen” to register in North Carolina, leaving property owners vulnerable, and limiting public access to records about companies operating in NC.
  • Perhaps worst of all, SB76 would legalize deep injection of oil and gas wastewater into the earth - something that has never been allowed in NC, and had been kept illegal when the legislature passed SB 820 last year. Underground injection of frack wastewater could contaminate drinking water aquifers and has been documented to increase seismic activity in many parts of the country. And it looks like Eastern North Carolina would be the target of these injection wells.

According to an article in the Raleigh News and Observer yesterday, the geology of Eastern NC is considered the most likely place to dispose of this toxic fracking wastewater. The coastal aquifers have been used just once for chemical injection in the only such deep injection site permitted in the state’s history. Those wells, about four miles from Wilmington, were created by Hercules, to inject acid waste in 1968 at a rate of 300,000 gallons a day and continued pumping through 1972.  Monitoring wells in upper aquifers later showed that the chemicals traveled past a clay containment zone and contaminated upper aquifers. That underwater leakage led to the state’s current ban on deep injection wells.

And there is concern that federal commerce law (Dormant Commerce Clause limits states’ authority to regulate anything that burdens interstate commerce) could prohibit the state from refusing frack wastewater for underground injection from other states.

We urge you to call or email your Representative and communicate the key reasons to oppose Senate Bill 76.

The bill has just been assigned to committees. Click here ( to find out if your representative is on the either the Commerce, Finance, or Environment committee and contact them immediately with your concerns for our water, land and residents under SB76.  Send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper to spread the word.

Act now before it's too late! Protect your drinking water from the woes of fracking!

House Commerce Committee
Senior Chairman Rep. Howard
Chairmen: Rep. R. Brawley, Rep. Lewis, Rep. Setzer, Rep. Burr, Rep. Collin, Rep. Dollar, Rep. Johnson
Vice Chairmen: Rep. Luebke, Rep. Stam, Rep. Starnes
Members: Rep. Alexander, Rep. Blust, Rep. W. Brawley, Rep. Carney, Rep. Cotham, Rep. Davis, Rep. Hager, Rep. L. Hall, Rep. Hamilton, Rep. Hanes, Rep. Hardister, Rep. Holley, Rep. Jones, Rep. Jordan, Rep. McManus, Rep. Moffitt, Rep. R. Moore, Rep. T. Moore, Rep. D. Ross, Rep. Samuelson, Rep. Schaffer, Rep. Stone, Rep. Tine, Rep. Waddell, Rep. Warren, Rep. Wells

House Environment Committee
Chairmen: Rep. McElraft, Rep. West, Rep. McGrady, Rep. Samuelson
Members: Rep. Alexander, Rep. W. Brawley, Rep. Brisson, Rep. Carney, Rep. Cunningham, Rep. Dixon, Rep. Dobson, Rep. Hamilton, Rep. Harrison, Rep. Hastings, Rep. Iler, Rep. Insko, Rep. Luebke, Rep. Millis, Rep. T. Moore, Rep. Starnes, Rep. Stone, Rep. Wells, Rep. Wray

House Finance Committee
Chairman: Rep. Murry
Vice Chairmen: Rep. W. Brawley, Rep. Conrad, Rep. Millis, Rep. Moffitt, Rep. R. Moore, Rep. Saine, Rep. Stone, Rep. Torbett
Members: Rep. Alexander, Rep. Avila, Rep. L. Bell, Rep. Blackwell, Rep. Boles, Rep. R. Brawley, Rep. Brody, Rep. B. Brown, Rep. Bumgardner, Rep. Carney, Rep. Catlin, Rep. Collins, Rep. Cunningham, Rep. Dockham, Rep. Dollar, Rep. Earle, Rep. Farmer-Butterfield, Rep. Fisher, Rep. Floyd, Rep. Fulghum, Rep. Goodman, Rep. C. Graham, Rep. G. Graham, Rep. Hager, Rep. D. Hall, Rep. Hamilton, Rep. Hanes, Rep. Holley, Rep. Holloway, Rep. Howard, Rep. Jeter, Rep. Johnson, Rep. Lambeth, Rep. Lewis, Rep. Lucas, Rep. Malone, Rep. Martin, Rep. Pierce, Rep. Presnell, Rep. Richardson, Rep. Riddell, Rep. Samuelson, Rep. Schaffer, Rep. Setzer, Rep. Shepard, Rep. Speciale, Rep. Starnes, Rep. Steinburg, Rep. Szoka, Rep. Terry, Rep. Tine, Rep. Tolson, Rep. Waddell, Rep. Warren, Rep. Wells, Rep. West, Rep. Whitmire, Rep. Wray