Tell Duke Energy: Clean Up Your Coal Ash in Salisbury!

Right now, Duke Energy’s Buck coal ash lagoons in Salisbury, NC are leaking arsenic, lead, hexavalent chromium, and other cancer-causing pollutants into groundwater, the Yadkin River, and High Rock Lake – a slow-motion coal ash spill into our waters, every single day. A shocking 97% of families with drinking wells tested around the Buck site have been told they cannot drink or cook with their water due to health risks from pollutants like hexavalent chromium.

Tell Duke Energy and its CEO Lynn Good to move the coal ash at Buck to dry, lined, storage away from our public waters. Duke Energy is moving some of its other coal ash to safer storage, but may leave behind Salisbury’s coal ash at the unlined Buck site, where it will continue to contaminate the groundwater, the Yadkin River, and High Rock Lake. Tell Duke Energy the Yadkin River and Salisbury deserve a cleanup too!  Email Lynn Good, Duke’s CEO, at

Here's a suggested email you could send under your signature to Duke: 

Dear Lynn Good:

I am deeply concerned about coal ash pollution of the Yadkin River and Rowan County’s groundwater at Duke Energy’s Buck facility. You and Duke have already proven you can clean up problematic coal ash sites in North and South Carolina, and it’s time to do the same for Buck. Please make the right decision to protect the community, our drinking water, and the Yadkin River: move the Buck coal ash to dry, lined storage!

In Duke’s recent assessment for the Buck site, Duke turned its back on its neighbors and neglected to study the groundwater nearest to contaminated drinking water wells.  Duke cannot let its decision at Buck rest on faulty, incomplete science.  It’s not too late to show that Duke can be a good neighbor:  move the Buck coal ash to dry, lined storage!