Algal bloom July 2015

Legislative Update - action needed to protect our water

The North Carolina Legislature is once again attacking provisions that protect our water. The rivers and streams of North Carolina belong to the people. TAKE ACTION NOW: Call your NC House member and Senator today and tell them you want your water protected. If you have already reached out to them, thank you!

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D.R. White

Adventures on the Yadkin River #2: Putting in at Shoals Road

Adventures on the Yadkin River is written by former journalist and life-long river enthusiast, D.R. White. He is a self-proclaimed guardian of the Shoals Road to Donnaha Bridge section of the Yadkin River. Over the course of the next few months, he will bring this stretch of the river to life in words.

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River Safety

Safety first! Whether boating, fishing, swimming, hiking or camping along or on any river, please exercise good judgment and follow these safety tips.

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Yadkin History

The Yadkin River basin is full of history. Evidence of Native American activities date back 12,000 years.

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