Riverkeeper Protection Program

Yadkin Riverkeeper Inc. has supported a full-time Riverkeeper since receiving its 501(c)3 status in 2008.  The Riverkeeper Protection Program is licensed by Waterkeeper Alliance, the world’s fastest growing environmental movement, with over 240 Waterkeeper Organizations protecting rivers, lakes and coastal waterways on six continents. The role of the Riverkeeper is to protect water quality throughout the basin working with residents, regulators and elected officials to ensure compliance with the federal Clean Water Act and NC pollution control laws. 

Yadkin Riverkeeper engages citizens in clean water issues through education, advocacy and action. We promote sustainable development practices that will accommodate growth without compromising the long-term health of the Yadkin River. 

North Carolina’s rapid population growth, particularly in the Triad region, is having a profound impact on the Yadkin River. This unprecedented growth threatens drinking water supplies. Help the Riverkeeper fight to keep the beautiful Yadkin River fishable, swimmable and drinkable now and for future generations.

Make an Impact

Population expansion will result in greater demands for drinking water from the Yadkin River. More people also means increased discharge from sewage treatment plants, polluted run-off from roads, lawns and parking lots, and construction. We need your support to fight for clean drinking water for future generations.

  • Our river protection program is responsible for monitoring the entire 7,200 square mile Yadkin River basin — NC’s second largest.

  • The population of Forsyth County is expected to increase 7.2% - 14.4% from 2010 to 2020.