Photo Credit: Christine Rucker

Photo Credit: Christine Rucker



Fred and Alice Stanback


National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Wells Fargo Resilient Communities Grant Program

Z Smith Reynolds Foundation 



Feisty PR

Waterkeeper Alliance


The Winston-Salem Foundation


Dave and Carole Collins

Velvet Motsinger


Edge Water Treating LLC

Ken and Carolyn Glazener

Great Outdoor Provision Company

Anne Long

Brook Martin

Happy Martin

Sound Rivers, Inc


Dr. and Mrs. Malcolm Brown

Ron and Nancy Bryant

Jim and Dianne Campbell

AVEDA Global Greengrants Fund

Sam Jackson

Junction 311

Terry and Mary Marshall

Harrison and Catherine Rutter

Jessica Singerman

Karl and Hollis Stauber

Dr. Richard Weinberg


Aperture Cinema

Susan Appt

Lara Carpenter

Scott and Greer Cawood

Lee and Shelby Chaden

Nancy Crooks

Bradley Cokendolpher and Clare Fader

Don Frey

Martin and Nicci Gafinowitz

Norman Gleason

Rick and Debbie Hauser

High Rock Outfitters

Steve Ilderton

Bob and Jane Lassiter

John and Toni Lewis

Lisha Mejan

Christa Middleton

Chris Phelps

David Scott

Dan and Carita Stokes

Tom and Caroline Stopyra

Thatcher and Julie Townsend

Katherine Trotter

Gayle Goldsmith Tuch

William Wrege



Donna Alexander

Anne Armfield

Sarah Barbour

Al Bartholow

Marilyn Beach

Tyler Blethen

Clyde and Judy Biddle

Liz Bozeman

Kimberly Brand

Jimmy and Grace Broughton

Edward and Brenda Brown

Jay and Katie Callahan

Camino Bakery

Frank and Kelly Campion

Rick and Maricela Chatham

Terry Crumpler

Julie Collins

George Fagan

Thomas Denegre

Donald and Louinice Motsinger

Douglas Demarest

Joe and Lorraine DiBella

Virgil Dodson

Cynthia Edwards

Jonathan Engram

Elizabeth (Deedee) Fenwick

Gloria  Fitzgibbon

Scotty Folds

Robert Gaither MD

Elizabeth Gamble

Robert Gfeller

Linda Gitter

Richard Gray

Richard and Cathy Guidetti

Charles Hauser

Arthur Hermann

Kirk and Linda Hinshaw

Mike Hitchcock

Rosalie Horton

Royce Hough

Stephen and Susan Hubbard

Dr. and Mrs. David Hurd

Imogene Ingle

Lucinda Jones

Elyse and Peter Jung

Louis Kandl

Elen Knott

Jeff and Barbara Lawyer

Tony and Bertie Leonardi

Janice Lewis

Tony Long

Will and Celie Martin

Mark LaBrecque and Phoebe Zerwick

David Lambeth

Evelyn Lambeth

John and Kathy LangDonald Lendle

Ormond Loomis

Robin Lynne

Randy Mays and Lynda Black

Jean McCoy

Thomas McLain

John and Susan Mickey

Edgar Miller

Martin and Sharon Mishler

Joe Morris

Theresa Pearson

Katie Pepper

David and Kathleen Pounds

Scott Richardson

Mack Roebuck

John and Fowler Ruffin

Marianne Schubert

Bruce Scott

William and Judy Scurry

Sid Shapiro

Garland and Yvonne Simrel, Jr

Ted and Nina Smith

 Stephanie Spiller

Jack Stack

Nancy Stanback

George Streblow

Carolyn Strickland

Paula Stober

Karen Stoltz

Earl Taylor

Thomas Taylor

Arlene Edwards Thompson

Debbie Thorpe

Jim Toole

J. Mosby and Meredith Vogler

Joe Ward

William Walters

Gregory Weaver

Eric Winicov

Anne Wise

Supporting Organizations and Businesses

Carolina Heritage Vineyard & Winery

Childress Vineyards

Foothills Brewing

Get:Outdoors Paddlesports

Great Outdoor Provision Co.

Ken Putnam & Christine Rucker

Rocky Forest River Run

Roaring River Canoe Rentals

Sanders Ridge Winery & Restaurant

Winston-Salem Symphony